The River is a monthly gathering for the women of Newsong to be empowered by the spirit to run the race marked out for them.

The hope is that as we would come together to hear the word, learn, and pray with each other, we would become rooted in the promises of God and propel into the life that God has called us to. We would start seeing their lives in view of God’s big redemption story and prepare for the coming of His return. Whether working, student, or stay at home mom, whether youthful or experienced all seasons are welcomed to come to The River.


The River Monthly Event


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In Acts 16, it mentions how there was a group of women meeting by the river. It was a place where people often gathered to pray and it was there Paul preached to their group, and Lydia, a woman like us, heard it and God opened her heart to respond. May the River be a gathering place for the Newsong Women to pray, learn, and fellowship together. 

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The River Book Club


Learning About Him together

For Spring 2018, we are starting a book study on Jen Wilken's None Like Him: 10 Ways God is Different from Us (And Why That's A Good Thing). It will be every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month starting in February.  Cost for the book will be $5 and it can be purchased at the info table or the link below. Even if you are not able to come on Fridays, still feel free to read along with us. Dates and associated Chapters are below:

February 2 // CH1: Infinite - The God of No Limits

February 16 // CH2: Incomprehensible - The God of Infinite Mystery

March 2 // CH3: Self Existent - The God of Infinite Creativity

March 16 // CH4: Self Sufficient - The God of Infinite Provision

April 6 // CH 5: Eternal - The God of Infinite Days

April 20 // CH6: Immutable - The God of Infinite Sameness

May 04// CH 7 Omnipresent - The God of Infinite Place (Cancelled due to Family Night)

May 18 // CH 8: Omniscient - The God of Infinite Knowledge

June 1* // CH 7 Omnipresent - The God of Infinite Place

June 15* // CH9: Omnipotent- The God of Infinite Power

June 29* // CH10: Sovereign - The God of Infinite Rule

*Dates were modified from original schedule due to the cancellation of our May 04 Book Club. We added one more week to finish the book.